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Thursday, October 04, 2007

"The Outsiders" still makin' money

Well, actually the article is more about what the author's up to now, but it does mention some book sales figures... but I have to wonder, how many buyers of the book buy it because they actually like it? The book is required reading in many classrooms, I think a majority of the buyers are buying it for that reason (that's the reason it's on my shelf). And I've always hated that... required reading that is. Reading with a deadline and being tested on fictional facts and having themes forced down your throat that don't matter to you that completely destroy the book's value. I'm a wannabe [published] author myself, and, even though I'd lose money, I'd have a very hard time condoning the use of a book for "educational purposes." I wonder if that would make it even harder to get published? Publishers of "books for young readers" must be making a good amount of money from school purchases... but I guess it really all depends on how the teachers teach it.


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