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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will Wright on Spore

Will Wright talks about the best computer game of all time in this article.

Good news for anybody who can't wait to create creatures:

Maxis expects that the creature creator will be many players' entrance into the world of Spore. They're even going so far as to distribute this creator for free a few months before the game hits retail shelves.

Hopefully once Spore comes out there will also be a way to exchange creatures and perhaps other in-game content, eh? Oh wait, the article answers my own suggestion:

Maxis has come up with a fully featured method of sharing all of this content, called Sporepedia. Users will be able to search through everything every other Spore user has created. They can build a buddy list and search just their friends' stuff. Or they can search by tags, as if they were pulling up YouTube videos.

In fact, users can even create videos of their characters and post them automatically onto YouTube directly from the Sporepedia interface.

Wow!! Awesome!

For music lovers, or composers, this must excite you:

Dropping into one of his cities, Wright pointed out that Spore even procedurally generates its musical tracks. "For any city, for any colony I make, a theme will be generated for it," he said.

Wright collaborated with musician Brian Eno to create the music generator, which also allows users to jump in and create their own themes by clicking and dragging musical notes. "I could put in the Star Wars theme if I wanted to," Wright said.


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