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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vibrating Window Negates Noise

It looks like it's currently too much trouble to be of any real use, but interesting nonetheless. Is it even desirable though? It may help shut up noisy dogs, but what about that poor woman getting stabbed and those guys shooting at each other? Who's going to notice on the other side of noise-cancelling windows?

In the Ender's Game series (or at least the Bean series, or whatever it's called), characters sometimes have these noise-cancelling devices which allow their conversations to be private from lurking recording technology, although they can some how still hear each other. I suppose it's technically possible, but such devices have to be pretty darn precise, and I reckon that precision is currently a bit out of reach.

I think. Maybe. I'm not a scientist in this area. But if there was a device I could sneak into an orchestra of movie theater that could suddenly make everyone deaf... well, that would be funny.


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