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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Harry Potter theme park?

Since there's been no confirmation, this may be a bunch of rubbish, but who knows?

The shops in such an area would certainly have to be based on the magic shops of Diagon Ally, and they should be aligned diagonally... the brick door that magically opens will be hard to construct, but I have faith that engineers can do it. The roller coaster should be inside, and should consist of flying on a broom, first during a Quidditch match, then during an escape from a dragon, then during an escape from Malfoy. A small scale model of Hogwarts should also be built, complete with moving portraits. We should be able to see the dining hall with the changing ceiling, which is where we will eat lunch. The sorting hat can then sort us but secretly discriminate us based on race, otherwise fights might break out. Then we can be poisoned and pretend that we are going through the unforgivable Crucio curse (or whatever it was) and somebody with a razor can go around and give us all permanent lightning shaped scars on our foreheads. Oh boy, what fun this will be!


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