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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Phantom of the Opera 2

Perhaps to be called "The Phantom of Manhattan"?

It would certainly be exciting if this were to be a musical, especially if some melodies and motifs from the original musical returned.

In the original book (which I have not yet read), the Phantom is much more of a horror figure (named Eric) and dies at the end. In the old silent film starring Lon Chaney (which I have seen), his death is portrayed very nicely, with the insane phantom laughing as he is beaten by an angry mob and thrown into a river.

However, at the end of the musical (or at least the film based on the musical, which I have seen), the Phantom just breaks a mirror and walks away, the mob being miraculously too stupid to find where he went... and at least in the movie he forgets to take his mask, leaving the character Meg to hold it up curiously in an awful cheesy pose.

Anyway, the sequel to the Phantom would also be based on a book, though in the video linked to above, I think Lloyd Webber says that he would change some things... might be an interesting read though.


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