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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Toy Story 3 confirmed

They're going to ruin it, I say!

“The greatest thing about the merger of the two companies is that the creators of ‘Toy Story’ 1 and 2 can make 3 with the story that we wanted,” said Lasseter.

The comment was a stab at Disney, who before the Pixar merger were hard at work on a third Toy Story film without Pixar’s involvement. Disney’s plot idea involved a recall of Buzz Lightyear toys, which includes Andy’s doll, which results in the Toys going on an adventure to Taiwan to rescue Buzz, who has been malfunctioning. John Lasseter and company were very unhappy with the idea, and didn’t approve.

Stupid Disney! It's good that at least Pixar will get to work on the film, but I still doubt it will be any good... gotta hack out sequels, though, they're moneymakers, because the second-handers, the Peter Keatings, will like them no matter what as long as everyone else likes them too. Many people have the thought process "Wow, a lot of people like this thing, so it must be good and I should like it too!" Isn't that annoying? I guess it's good if you're selling something.


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