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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Baby Bang' experiment to create min-blackholes and open new dimensions

"Deep underground on the Franco-Swiss border, someone will throw a switch next year to start one of the most ambitious experiments in history, probing the secrets of the universe and possibly finding new dimensions."

I am quite conCERNed... get it? Right now, out there somewhere, is a wee proton whose fate is to be accelerated into oblivion... and reveal the secrets of the universe... which will lead to more secrets that we cannot uncover until we build an even bigger atom smasher...

"Dr Cox dismissed worries that by adventuring into the unknown and creating tiny black holes, the machine could even destroy the planet. "The probability is at the level of 10 to the minus 40," he said."

This means if more than 10^40 experiments are carried out, the world will definitely be destroyed.

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