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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Molyneux fires warning about Wii controller

"Peter Molyneux, the legendary game designer responsible for games like Populous, Theme Park and The Movies, has issued a warning to future games designers regarding the new motion sensing control pads - that gamers may be too lazy to use them!" While some people disagree with him... like Nintendo fans... he's most likely right. While non-standard game controllers seem innovative at first, they often pair up with only one or two games designed for their use and do not revolutionize the way games are played at all. Who would want to swing a controller around to control Zelda's sword? That's a stupid idea... maybe. Wii controller implementation will have to be addicting to be popular, and generally having to move more than your fingers while staring at the TV will be too much work for lazy gamers. Yes, some claim it will help gamers exercise! Oh yeah, that will be at the top of every child's todo list... time to exercise with Mario! "It's a-me, Mario! Let's a-exercise! One! Ha! Two! Hiya! Woohoo!" No.

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